What Does It Really Take To Keep A Child In School?

  Providing free education to disadvantaged children has never been easy for Bethesda. The model was to assign a child to a sponsor and each sponsor pays for a particular child’s school fees. Out of the 800 children currently enrolled in the Bethesda schools, only 300 of them have sponsors. What then should happen to the remaining 500? Take for instance Eniola. Every morning she helps her mother prepare a fresh pot of white rice and tomato stew garnished with fried fish and meat before she starts to prepare for school. At 7:30 am she and her mother both set out of their wooden made room – Eniola with her school bag and old PET Pepsi bottle converted to a water bottle and her mother with a pot of rice and tomato stew on her head. Her mother is a food hawker who lost her husband 3 years after Eniola was born. He had died of a brief illness and she had no choice but to seek accommodation where she could afford and generate income to take care of her daughter. The latter she does by hawking food on the streets of Ikota. Her mother barely makes enough money to cater for most of her needs. Bethesda wasn’t an option, it was something that she needed. Without Bethesda Eniola’s future will be sealed in the life of poverty she had known her whole life. In Eniola’s 5 years as a Bethesda beneficiary she has never had a sponsor. Every one of those 5 years, she has been at risk of dropping out of school. This year is no different. This begs the question – what does it really take to keep a child in school? Writing materials, text books for teachers and students, school uniforms, school sandals, good furniture, cleaning supplies, a functional conducive environment and well versed teachers. These and many more are needed to ensure each child receives quality education. All these things are not free which is why we need you to join our campaign which runs from May 27th, 2019 till the end of September, 2019. Your support will help us keep 500 children like Eniola who currently have no sponsors in school for another year! How can you help?
  • Making a donation of 500 or more
  • Signing up your organisation, school or church to take part in our Lend a helping hand art activity
  • Signing up to sponsor a child
For more information, please call 08033536487.
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