Iheanyi Iwuagwu

Iheanyichukwu Iwuagwu graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, with a B.sc. in Philosophy. Started his working career with I-Maconi Nigeria Limited (Haulage Division), as Operations Director, a position held till 2006. In 2006, appointed the Managing Director of the ailing beverages division. In the last three years, he grew the product portfolio of this division to include packaging and sales of 50cl, 75cl and 19L water bottles and also introduced an aggressive marketing strategy that increased the division’s clients portfolio. Iheanyi Iwuagwu developed the water purification systems sales, services and consultancy arm of I-Maconi Nigeria Ltd which is charged with the responsibility of sales, installation & after sales service of water purification systems; as well as consulting services on water purification projects. In 2009, he left the day to day running of I-Maconi and founded Interacti Logic solutions Ltd, a software company specialized in building and managing ERP solutions for the health and general insurance industry; providers of Value Added Services for Telecom Operators and Mobile Financial Services. Interacti provides aggregation services for Mobile Money Operators. Iheanyi has returned to I-Maconi currently as the Chief Executive Officer driving the Water Doctor Service, among other products and services the company provides. With several business interests spanning across several sectors including but not limited to Real Estate, Manufacturing, & Technology, he sits on the board of Interacti-DTIN Solution Services Ltd, an Israeli-Nigerian subsidiary of Interacti Logic Solutions Ltd; OLXA LLC a U.S based real estate company; and SIL Design & Build Solutions Limited. Iheanyi is a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and is an alumnus of the Fate Foundation’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme Class 26 and the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme.