My Bethesda Experience by Urenna Uzoukwu.

Upon meeting the students of Bethesda Nursery and Primary School, I was very nervous. I have never given a presentation to a place like their school before, and I simply did not know what to expect. I understood that this experience would not be like the usual office setting, and I also understood that the students came from underprivileged families. All I could do was hope that the assembly would go well. As we settled in the school for the presentation, I was pleasantly surprised to see the shy but kind eyes of the children in the classrooms. Some would even poke their heads out of the doorway to welcome us. When the children walked past us, I noticed how disciplined they were. They walked quietly with their hands behind their backs and gave a slight smile or wave followed by a polite “Good Morning.”   Before giving the presentation, I could see how excited the children were by their facial expressions. However, to my relief the children remained seated and attentive as we began. I was shocked to see how willing the children were to participate throughout the presentation. At each question asked or opportunity given, the students were eager to raise their hands to share their answer or demonstration. Although I thought it would be difficult to present in such a different environment, the children’s attitudes made it easy and enjoyable. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed!   After the assembly, the children remained polite and engaging. They would ask for high fives or hugs and run off with a big, satisfied smile. As they walked off, I could not help thinking how extraordinary these children were – in and out of a classroom. I was grateful that I was able to experience an amazing time with the students and fully understand just how important the work of Bethesda Child Support Agency truly is.
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