Meet Olaitan!

We would like to introduce you to one of our rising academic superstars, Josephine Olaitan Ayanfe. She is in primary 1 and came first in her class this term. She scored 98% in English and 92% in Mathematics. Inspired by her sponsor’s support and belief in her success, Josephine wants to become a medical doctor and create programs that will help other disadvantage children succeed and achieve their dreams. The sky is the limit for her.  Before coming to Bethesda last year, Josephine was at the verge of dropping out from school because her parents could no longer afford her school fees.  Being in Bethesda has not only opened doors for her but has also provided Josephine with supportive role models like yourself that encourages her to aim high. She and the other children are extremely grateful for your support and will be extremely delighted to meet with you during our upcoming Meet and Greet event.
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