Adopt-A-School Challenge

Valentine’s Day has always meant the same thing to me, a day when I buy the person I love most a gift. I usually spare no expense as I look to buy something expensive and classy so this person will know that I care about them. I guess most of us do more or less the same thing just to get that smile from our significant other. This year I did a small research on Valentine’s day and realised that it is mostly about helping people who have no way of repaying us. While it is good to buy gifts for our loved ones, what about the needy and the less-privileged who can hardly afford a meal? Today I want to challenge you to touch a life and make a difference. There are currently 400 Bethesda children who run the risk of dropping out of school, 800 Bethesda children who need lunch and their worn out school furniture replaced. To help these children we have created a 1K Challenge titled “Adopt-A-School” where you make a donation of N1,000 and tell your friends to join in also. Details Below: click HERE to make a donation
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