A Bethesda child – Have You Met One?

A Bethesda child is the epitome of hope, always smiling and ever grateful. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of them and even though they are unique, they still have some similarities.


They usually have a back story of things they have been through, from being abandoned by their parents, aunt, uncles or guardians to losing both parents at an early age. Even those that have both parents find themselves in such gruesome poverty that they live in slums and cannot afford a single meal to eat.

For a normal child, this is bound to affect their education and you find them failing out of school due to inability to concentrate amidst the many situations happening in their lives.

But a Bethesda child takes these situations as a reason. A reason to give their best in school, a reason to fight for their future, a reason to change their destiny.

Have you ever met one? Because even though they are mostly considered as less-privileged, they are bound to have a positive impact on your life. They show you that in a life where you have been given so little, there is still so much you can become.

A Bethesda child is eager to learn, always wanting to improve and seeking for opportunities to prove themselves. A Bethesda child does not have a poor mentality, they believe they have it in them to succeed and someday they will be in a position to positively impact the world.

He is a child worth supporting and with our help they will become great members of the society.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you should simply meet a Bethesda child.

It takes only N100,000 to keep a Bethesda child in school for a year. Keep a dream alive today by contacting us.

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